Thanks to pontiac 2000; Moderator of KR Magazine. This is the car of pontia 2000. 

"This is a Story...of a Brand New Car in the Year 4000" goes about a black Renault Laguna Stationwagon, called: Knight Industries Twelbve Thousand, a.k.a. KITT.
Read for more information bellow about this new Super Car.  
In contrast with the Knight Industries Ten Thousand, this update of KI10T is way more quiet and serious.

Say hello to the Knight Industries Twelve Thousand:

This is KI12T, a black Renault Laguna Stationwagon.
He is built by Dr. Carl Johnson, who has his job as director/manager, who took it from Dr. Michael Bennadict.
Johnson is also the creator of the Knight Industries Twelve Thousand.

KI12T has 4 scanners, whereby he can even detect things way better and more faster.

KI12T has 110 PK in the Hero Mode, so as a normal Renault Laguna Stationwagon. When KI12T transforms into attack mode, he owns at least 300 PK!

The driver of KI12T, is called Mark Lopiz.
He worked with the CSI, after he later got in contact with Knight Industries.

Also, Dr. Carl Johnson has built a prototype before the Knight Industries Twelve Thousand.
This is the KIRR-Project, that stands for: Knight Itelligent Robot Revange.
KIRR is a Opel Astra Sports Tourer. This is a Super Robot Car without emotions. He can fire laserbeams and protect hisself, without it goes wrong.

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1. The Day That KITT Awake.