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KR Magazine number 7 is finally there!!!

Nummer 7 is binnen! Number 7 is here! Take a look to the newest KR Magazine. Please, keep your eyes on the site! Because before you know it there is a new KR Magazine on the site! Number 8 will be here in April 2011. KR Magazine has been Turbo Boosted into the new year! Greets: Shelby3000, pontiac 2000 & jjp; the Produers of KR Magazine.

Here we will show our KR Magazine to you. Unfortunately, it is just the cover ánd it's in the Duch language. The pages themselves will not be shown.

Number 1 - August/September 2010

Nummer 2 - October 2010

Nummer 3 - November 2010

Number 4 - December 2010 Special Christmas Edition!!! 

Number 6 - February 2011

Nummer 7 - March 2011

These are the covers. And, what do you think about it? You can leave a message behind in the KR Magazine Guestbook. Thank you!

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keuren de KR Magazines goed!

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