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Introduction: We are Shelby3000, pontiac 2000 and jjp (we don't like to give our real names to you all) We are huge fans of Knight Rider and that's why we created this site. Now you'll think; "KR Magazine? Why not just Knight Rider?" Well, we thought about this, because we wanted something else of Knight Rider: a magazine! But this magazine wouldn't be in the stores unfortunately, but we like to show you our KR Magazine on our site.

 Attention! Every month a new magazine!!!

Welcome to the site of KR Magazine. This is the site about Knight Rider and what's especially fun for Knight Rider fans. We'll give a short explanation about Knight Rider. Knight Rider is an American TV-series from the 80's of the 20th century, with i.a. David Hasselhoff as the main character Michael Knight. The series had 90 episodes with each of them had a time of 45 minutes. Besides the series there were also movies. I.A.: "Knight Rider 2000" and Knight Rider 2010".

The series started at September 26 1982 till August 8 1986. The series was focused on Michael Knight who, as a sort of modern Knight together with his technic highly advanced 'thinking' car KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) with Artificial Intelligence works for the organisation FLAG (Foundation for Law And Government).

Right now, the new series of Knight Rider has arrived. Knight Rider 2008 went more to this time. That's why the 2008.

Knight Rider is an American TV-series from 2008. De series is a sequel of the original from 1982. The series is aired since September 24 2008 in the United States and since March 1st 2009 in the Netherlands on the channel RTL 7, but then with the name Knight Rider 2009.

We'll talk more about Knight Rider 2008, because we know more about these series and our KR Magazine goes more about this too. But don't worry, because our site goes too about the original Knight Rider. Special for the fans who loves the original series more.

We hope that you'll like our site. And pay attention to the KR Magazine, because every month there's something new about our site.

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