Everybody, who is a KR Fan, would like to go to a Knight Rider meeting of course, where you can see KITT & KARR repliacas, watch episodes together, be overwhelmed by amazing collections, where you can buy posters and many more! But to experience this, you have to go to the USA for example. This is not a problem anymore, because there is now a Knight Rider meeting that will be organized in the Netherlands (for the European KR Fans in the group)! In 2011 there were about 150 KR Fans, who came even from other countries to experience the Dutch Knight Rider meeting! In 2010, there was also a Knight Rider meeting in the Netherlands, that was organized on September 18 in Putten, at the ACM Fleetforce on the Ruitenbeek 9! So this was, of course, again ONE BIG PARTY!!! The organisator Ben Prins is not sure yet if there will come also a Knight Rider meeting this year (2013). But as soon as Shelby3000 gets to know something, she will put it here on the side. And if there will coe a new Knight Rider meeting in the Netherlands indeed: BE THERE, because maybe the producers of KR Magazine, we: pontiac 2000, jjp & Shelby3000, will be there too!

Here are some pictures of the Knight Rider meeting in the Netherlands of 2009, where Shelby3000 was and who took them:

The posters, KITT who is finished and KITT with a white hood (finished for a part).

This is the KITT replica with who I made a tour.

Nice close-up of KITT of course!

The interior.

These were all KR Fans who visited the Knight Rider meeting.

Posters you could buy there.

And the interior of another KITT replica.

KITT with the white hood.

And some other KR Fans who took pictures for the newspaper, etc.
These were the pictures.

Shelby3000: "When I was there in 2009, there were 4 amazing cars; and when of them wasn't finished yet when it came to the paint and interior. The organisator of the Knight Rider meeting, Ben Prins, thought that it was such a pity no other owners did participate with their cars, but at least it was awesome. You could buy posters of Knight Rider (2008) and you could take a tour with a KITT replica of course! And I was allowed to! So when I got in, the owner said in English (who was Dutch himself) to his car: "KITT, do you want to introduce yourself?" And he did! "I am the Knight Industries Two Thousand. It's KITT, if you prefer." That gave a spectaculous feeling, and I asked his owner: "Is your KITT able to understand you and others?" "When you talk in English, he does!", the man said, "But when you will sit on his bonet...I can show you." And while the others were around too, the owner sat on KITT's bonet, who said: "Please, sir. Do not sit on my bonnet."  "Wel, maybe he doesn't understand you when you talk in the Dutch language, but at least, he has sense. The reason are the sensors. And the car can notice that!" And some minutes later, the man showed also other things with his replica. This was really awesome, about how everything works and all.
Anyway: I hope you like the Knight Rider meeting in the Netherlands too. Thank you!"

And here is just a small video of the Knight Rider Festival of the previous years in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Made by Shelby3000