KITT, a.k.a. the Knight Industries Two Thousand, is a fictional Super Car from the TV-series Knight Rider, and the part-making movies. Also, he participates in modified form in the new Knight Rider TV-series from 2008.

KITT is created by Charles Graiman in order of Wilton Knight, the founder of the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG). KITT is a almost indestructabe car, advanced with a lot of electronic gadgets to help his driver, Michael Knight, in missions.


KITT has Artificial Inteligence, and a personality substantially equal to that of human. Because of this, he is not only able to talk, but also to reason and often enough to make sarcastic remarks towards Michael. That reasoning was at the beginning of the series not always good. At that moment, KITT was still a 'learning' child, but he can quickly find himself into a world full of people.  

KITT and Michael have often conflicts, especially because KITT thinks that the music is horrible Michael listens to. In an episode when Michael lost his memory, KITT admit that he was worried about him. It was never really clear whether he really has emotions or that his comments are simply very well programmed.

Original series

KITT is in the original series a modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from 1982. This role made the Trans Am that year very popular. At the beginning of the series KITT was also indicated being as a Pontiac or Trans Am. Later in the series, the term black T-top was used , because Pontiac was done about the fact that Trans-Am buyers liked to have a computerdashboard and a red scanner on the bumper.

KITT's "Anti Collision" computer calculates all possible dangers on the road and makes the probability of an accident minimal. Because of this, KITT was not only the fastest and the strongest, but also the most safest car of the world. Strangely enough the "Anti Collision" system was no longer in the series, after it was demonstrated by Devon Miles in the Pilot. KITT received during the series all new possibilities from his mechanic April and cybernetics specialist Bonnie. He was frequently a bit modified. And so Bonnie gave him at the beginning of season 3 a lot of new gadgets and a new dashboard.

The biggest difference came in the intro of season 4. He was then completely destroyed except his computer. Bonnie, together with the help of RC3, rebuilt KITT. Because they were not capable to give KITT his invulnerability back, they gave him the "Super Pursuit Mode". Further, KITT got from RC3 the possibility to morph into a Convertible.


The 2008 update to Knight Rider includes a new KITT – the acronym now standing for "Knight Industries Three Thousand". The KITT platform is patterned on a Shelby GT 500 KR Mustang and differs from the original Two Thousand unit in several ways. For example, the 2008 KITT utilizes nano-technology, allowing the car's outer shell to change colors and morph itself into similar car forms temporarily.[4] The nanotech platform is written as needing the AI active in order to produce any of these effects, unlike the original car's gadgets and "molecular bonded shell" which allowed it to endure extreme impacts. These down-sides to the use of nanotech have been demonstrated when villains are able to cause significant damage, such as shooting out windows, when the AI is deactivated. It can also turn into two different types of a Ford F-150 4x4 truck (one completely stock and the other with some modifications), a Ford E-150 van, a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, a special edition Warriors In Pink Mustang (in support of breast cancer awareness month), and a Ford Flex for disguise or to use the alternate modes' capabilities (such as off-road handling). The car can engage an "Attack Mode", featuring scissor/conventional hybrid doors, which allows it to increase speed and use most of its gadgets (including turbo boost). It had a different looking attack mode in the pilot which was used whenever the car needed to increase speed. Its downside however is that it only seats two. KITT is also capable of functioning in a submerged configuration, maintaining life support and system integrity while underwater. While the original series stated that the original KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was designed by Wilton Knight, the 2008 TV movie implies that Charles Graiman may have co-designed the car and the AI for Wilton Knight, and was subsequently relocated to protect him and his family, and later designed the Knight Industries Three Thousand. KITT's weapons include a grappling hook located in the front bumper, usable in normal and attack modes, and missile launchers usable only in attack mode, which were first used in "Knight of the Hunter". In the Halloween episode "Knight of the Living Dead", KITT demonstrates the ability to cosmetically alter his appearance, becoming a black Mustang convertible with a pink trim as a Halloween costume. This configuration had the scanner bar relocated to behind the grille. Dr. Graiman also reveals in this episode that a backup neural network exists when he suggests downloading KITT's files and reuploading them to the backup, to which replies "The Backup is not me." In the Pilot, KITT had shown himself capable of similarly altering his external appearance — changing his color and licence plate. In "Knight of the Zodiac", KITT uses a dispenser located in his undercarriage to spread black ice, and a fingerprint generator in the glovebox to overlay the fingerprints of a captured thief over Mike's.

Although it can be noted that the car model name (GT 500 KR) bears the initials of the series, this is merely a coincidence as the initials actually stand for "King of the Road"...or "Knight Rider" of course. The 2008-2009 Ford Shelby GT 500 KR Mustang is a 40th Anniversary tribute to the 1967-1968 GT500, produced in 1968.

KITT's equipment

Original series

  • Molecular Bonded Shell
  • Turbo Boost
  • Voice Synthesizer
  • Anamorphic Equalizer
  • Etymotic Equalizer
  • Microscanners
  • Eject Seat's
  • Cruise modes: From this, KITT has 4:
    • Normal: Michael controls the car.
    • Auto: KITT drives by himself.
    • Pursuit: Gives KITT a great boost of speed.
      Super Pursuit: This Mode KITT got in season 4. 
  • Silent Mode
  • Grapling Hook & Winch
  • Microwave Jammer
  • Olfactory Sensor
  • Computer Override
  • Oil Jets/Smoke Screen
  • Flame Thrower
  • Traction Spikes
  • Surveillance Mode
  • Laser Powerpack:
  • Bomb Sniffer
  • Thermal Expander
  • Voice Stress Analyzer
  • Rotating License Plate
  • Passive Laser Restraint System
  • Video Display Monitors
  • Computer Print Out
  • Ultraphonic Chemical Analyzer
  • Interior Oxygenator
  • Vacuum

2008-series (Pilot)movie)

  • Camouflage
  • Automatic recovery
  • Transformations
  • 550 PK in the Hero Mode 
  • Hybrid engine
  • Sports-tuned suspension
  • Xenon Headlights with Infrared Nightvision
  • Access to military satellites
  • Access to data from the FBI
  • High-speed Internet
  • Voice-activated GPS
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Biometric Interface
  • Wireless headset to talk with passengers over short distances.
  • Biomedical Scanner

2008-series (Season 1)

  • Backup Mainframe Processor
  • Windshield Projection
  • Bio Matrix Scanner
  • Nanotech Skin
  • Turbo Boost
  • Hood Surface Screen
  • Offensive Missiles
  • Gatling Guns
  • Laser
  • EMP
  • Anti-Missile Flares
  • Anti-Traction Compound Dispenser (a.k.a. Black Ice)
  • Interior Tear Gas Dispenser
  • Ski Mode
  • 3D Object Printer
  • Printer
  • Fingerprint Overlay Printer
  • Weapons Cache
  • First Aid
  • Self-Destruct
  • Earwig

Transformation abilities

  • Attack Mode: KITT's original Attack mode was purely used to increase speeds. It was changed after the pilot.
  • Attack Mode II: Similar to the original KITT's alternate configuration to allow faster traveling speeds. First seen in Episode 1, "A Knight in Shining Armor".
  • Ford F-150 FX4: Alternate mode for off road travel. Also has ability to allow quick ingress at speed. Scanner bar is located in the grill at the very top of the inlet. First seen in Episode 1, "A Knight in Shining Armor".
  • Ford F-150 II: After "Knight of the Hunter", an alternate F-150 mode, which has extra off-road modifications.
  • Ford E-150 Cargo Van: For disguise purposes. All doors are fully functional. Scanner bar is not shown. As seen in Episode 4, "A Hard Day's Knight".
  • Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor: For disguise purposes, used to elude police. KITT's presence indicator (Orb) is displayed on the MDT screen rather than a separate entity on the dash. In this configuration, KITT's scanner bar is hidden behind the top of the frame around the front grille. As seen in Episode 4, "A Hard Day's Knight".
  • Ford Mustang GT: As seen on the pilot film. KITT converted into a silver Mustang en route to Las Vegas. He also transformed into a purple Mustang to help Michael and Sarah in their escape in Vegas.
  • Ford Mustang Convertible (Warriors in Pink Edition): A disguise that was used for the Halloween episode "Knight of the Living Dead", Episode 6. Basically a standard Mustang convertible with pink trim and aftermarket wheels, and the breast cancer logo under the mustang symbols. The scanner bar is located behind the front grille. "Knight of the living dead."
  • Ford Flex: For disguise purposes. A customized version with metallic gray paint and taillight blackouts; the scanner bar is located in the lower bumper intake grille. In this configuration, access to some systems, such as his laser and EMP, are available. As seen in Episode 8, "Knight of the Zodiac".
  • 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302: For disguise purposes. A dark blue classic with the scanner located in the grille. As seen in the episode "Fly By Knight" when a DEA agent had an all-points bulletin on Mike and KITT. ("Care to go old school KITT?")